There’s one thing you need to know about me.

I hate cards.

Cards are this never-ending source of guilt. You forget to open the card and open the present first… Guilt. It’s been three months since your birthday and the cards are still displayed.. Guilt. You have all these cards and you have to throw them out.. Guilt. You replace the previous birthday card with the new one from relatives that may not be around next year.. GUILT AND MORBID.

Recycling alleviates some of that guilt but knowing they’re $7 a pop there’s still a lot of guilt to go around.

But something happened and that something is the sublime and the ridiculous. Check out this bad boy:

Where's the fast food?

I got these from presentandcorrect an etsy store. By current exchange rates they work out to $5.87 each plus $2 for shipping ($1 if you buy another card).

Present and correct also make them for the Queen in your life.

I’ve given three of these cards out so far and each recipient has loved them. And they have a 100% success rate as the accessory for a new profile pic.

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